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Leaving for a journey around the world- what to do with all your stuff?

Traveling around the world is one of the best gifts you can offer to yourself in life. You get numerous opportunities which make you develop and improve considerably such as the fact that you get the chance to see new places, gain new knowledge, meet interesting people from whom you can learn many things, and understand yourself better by getting in touch with your deepest thoughts and feelings. However, when you decide to become a nomad, you need to consider what you are going to do with all the stuff you leave behind because by the moment you decide to go back home something might happen to them and you might not find them at your return or they might be too damaged to use them anymore.

Sell or donate them

If you have no idea when your journey is going to come to an end and whether you are going to return or not, you should definitely consider selling or donating your stuff before you leave. Apart from the fact that you can earn some extra money which is going to prove to be incredibly useful in your travel, you can also bring some smiles to the faces of some not-so-lucky people. Usually, as a nomad, you do not put a price on the material things, so if you want to embrace your adventure completely and have no thought about returning back home, you will not need all this stuff anymore so it is better to do something more effective or nice with them instead of throwing them away.

Store them somewhere safe

However, if you do believe that your journey will come to an end and you are definitely going to go back from where you have left at some point, you have to make sure that all your stuff will be kept safe until your return. You should look for public storage Nashville and store all your stuff there where they are going to be kept safe, away from the thieves, bad weather conditions or dirt. Also, you can give some of them to your friends or family members to use them until you return back home.

 Take the most important stuff with you

You definitely cannot take all your stuff with you such as furniture items or appliances. However, the most meaningful things to you should definitely be part of your luggage because no matter how adventurous you are and how much you enjoy traveling, you are going to start feeling homesick at some point. However, having the most important things with you will definitely help you overcome the sadness which comes with the feeling of homesick. You can take in your journey things such as photos with your loved ones, favorite places or pet, or your lucky charm or an important memory for you which you want to keep close to you forever. Things like that do not take too much space from your baggage and you will know for sure that having them with you will eliminate the risk of losing them or getting damaged until you return.