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Places to Visit in Boston

Boston is one of the most beautiful places to visit in America, and it offers a marvelous historical and artistic experience. You can enjoy arts and the famous sports teams from Boston, or you can simply go to a bar or visit a brewery. When you go to Boston, there is no way that you could get bored, because there is a multitude of attractions and touristic objectives of all kinds, for all tastes and preferences. In this article we are going to show you the most interesting places to visit in Boston, so you can start planning your holiday.

The Freedom Trail

We will start with the first element that you have to see in Boston. The Freedom Trail is a place where you will understand the historical importance that lays in front of this beautiful place. You only have to walk along this place and take in its restful beauty, and after having walked the 2,5 miles it stretches to, you will feel amazing. In case you do not want to walk along The Freedom Trail, there is another option for you to use. Within an hour’s distance, you will have the chance to take a quick look over the trail, but unfortunately, you will have to skip seeing some nice parts, as a consequence of your short journey. You will not be allowed to stop and stare, but you will get a general view of the whole place that you have chosen to visit.

The Boston Public Garden

Our second suggestion of places to visit in Boston is the Boston Public Garden. This is said to be the most ancient botanical garden in Boston and after having arrived there, you will have the chance to admire the Swan Boats as well, and to enjoy a ride in one of them. These boats were created in 1877 and from April to September, visitors are allowed to ride them. In the winter however, the lake freezes and you can enjoy skating on it, another fun and thrilling experience. You mustn’t miss the Boston Public Garden under any circumstances, no matter the season you get there.

Quincy Market

The third must-see we thought of telling you about is called Quincy Market and there you will find a useful place for your shopping needs, or a great source of food for you and your family. The wide range of products found there is impressive, and their quality is said to be superior. Since we were discussing activities which you can enjoy with your family, then we also recommend going to Fenway Park, a wonder of architecture and home to some of the most spectacular games of baseball. Here, you may get the chance to watch the teams train, or participate in the games and have the unique chance to win tickets to the games, or signed baseballs.

Over all, these places to visit in Boston represent a great source of fun, history and entertainment for every one of you and you should consider this destination in case you are interested in trying out something new.

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