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Places to Visit in Crete

Nowadays, finding the best place to spend your holiday may not seem like an easy job. Still, we are about to show you one of the best places where you can go and come back feeling more refreshed than ever – Crete. Whether you’ve never been there before or you have, it doesn’t matter, because Crete is one of those places that you want to keep coming back to. Read on, and you will find out about the amazing places to visit in Crete, and the wonderful landscapes that you can take in there.

Getting away from our problems and worries is vital, otherwise we become exhausted and can no longer function properly. Unfortunately, most people only take one or two vacations a year, which pushes them to try and make the best of every moment; thus, it can be hard to plan a vacation where you get to see new places, visit objectives and perform various activities, while at the same time finding some relaxation moments. Greece is one of the ideal countries for such a versatile holiday, as it will be shown through the following places to visit in Crete.

One of the first places to visit in Crete that we present you is the Minoan Palace of Knossos and the Archaeological museum in Heraklion, a must-see place in Crete that will make your vacation totally worthwhile. Here, you will be able to encounter some famous archaeological discoveries, as well as enriching your knowledge and culture about this ancient civilization. Next on our list of attractions for Crete is the Samaria Gorge, known as  Europe’s largest gorge. As well as that, the Volcanic Island of Santorini provides the viewer with the same amount of amazing and spectacular panoramas, so be sure to save a day for it.

Crete is also famous for its wonderful climate, as is the rest of Greece; here you can find the most wonderful and welcoming beaches, the most pristine and clear waters, and the best sun for tanning. However, make sure you try all of the local foods as well, as the Mediterranean cuisine is very healthy and delicious. Furthermore, you should reserve an entire day for Loutro, a wonderful small village on the hilltops, with small white houses representative of Greece. If you like it, you can even spend a new days there, as the locals are more than happy to lodge you; there are hotels and restaurants as well, and you can enjoy a time of peace and quiet on the peaceful beaches.

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