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Places to Visit in Europe

In case you have thought about going on a trip to Europe, but have no idea where to start, we are here to help you. In this article we are going to present you some of the best places to visit in Europe, starting with is countries and sifting through the major cities. These locations are well-known touristic attractions, and millions of people from all over the world visit them each year, for their charm, culture, for their unique traditions and lifestyles. Now you have the opportunity of planning your best trip so far, by visiting either one of these countries, or all of them.

One of the first places to visit in Europe that we want to recommend is Croatia, although it might not be the first location people usually consider. The country is a gorgeous combination of mountain and sea, and the beaches, though few, offer pristine waters you just love to swim in. Furthermore, the capital of this country, Dubrovnik, houses inside it the old fortress of Dubrovnik, a medieval stone city with hundreds of sinewy stairs, restaurants, small houses, cats and museums and churches.We would like to start with Croatia, which is a beautiful European country and the city that definitely needs to be seen is Dubrovnik. If you climb its walls, Dubrovnik offers a splendid view of the Mediterranean Sea, the perfect way to end a day.

Next, on our list of places to visit in Europe, we have The Netherlands, and especially the capital of course, Amsterdam. The city center is offers a great idea of what the city used to look like centuries ago, and its narrow canals and bridges confer it a romantic atmosphere. However, the city is very lively, always filled with tourists, and you can find lots of bars, clubs, restaurants of coffee shops. The art fan will also have a field trip in Amsterdam, because this city is brimming with museums, historic sites and houses, churches and basilicas. Finally, you can also pay a visit to Hague, which is another old city and where the Parliament and Government reside.

We cannot talk about European destination and not mention Germany, a place of culture, history and tradition. There are various cities which are worth the trip, starting with Berlin. However, you should also visit Frankfurt and Munich; the latter especially, because it has great architecture and is one of the few cities which were restored identically after the Second World War.

There are many other places to visit in Europe, and it is already difficult to make such a drastic selection. We will end, however, with Spain, a great former empire. Here, the main attractions should be Barcelona and Madrid, the capital, but it is said the whole region of Andalusia is amazing. All in all, we heartily recommend these destinations, but we also have to give a few safety tips, such as getting travel insurance every time you go abroad. Students who want to travel can also find cheaper options for coverage, such as the student travel insurance which has smaller premiums and still offers comprehensive benefits. The European destinations we presented are some of the favorite for young people, which is why we thought the student travel insurance would be a good tip for them, and it would allow them to feel safer no matter where they are.

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