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Places to Visit in Georgia

Georgia is a great destination if you decided to have an American road trip, and in order to convince you that you’ve made a great decision to see it, we thought of introducing you to some places to visit in Georgia. Some of them may be familiar to you from television or the movies, but this state has many hidden treasures, both natural and man-made, and there are certainly still “secrets” there to surprise you.

The Georgia Aquarium.

To begin with, we suggest you visit The Georgia Aquarium. It is located in Atlanta and it is considered the biggest aquarium on Earth. It has 120,000 species of fish and a huge amount of water. We want you to discover it by yourself and we only mention that you will be impressed with what you see, and with the amazing layout of this building.

The Atlanta History Center

For some historical improvement, we recommend you visit the Atlanta History Center and if you want to enjoy a laser show, then Stone Mountain Park will definitely fit your preference. It is possible that you might be interested to see where the author who wrote the famous novel “Gone With the Wind” used to live, so you can imagine Scarlet O’Hara speaking of her land, Tara, and imagining all those beautiful dresses and gentlemen of olden times.

The Meinhardt Vineyards and Winery

If you happen to be a wine lover and you would like to have a tasty experience, we recommend you go to Meinhardt Vineyards and Winery, a place with a fantastic collection of drinks. You will feel as if you have just discovered one of the world’s most wanted treasure and you will be among the lucky people who had the chance to enjoy the taste of this discovery.


Savannah is a city you should visit, as it is the place where you can enjoy the artistic talent of local people. It is a combination of arts and style and will make you feel special while strolling through its streets. The enchantment of this artistic and cultural city will be a much-needed break from all the other activities you can have during your stay in Georgia.

Tiger Mountains Vineyards

For those of you who want some adventurous places to visit in Georgia, we have found out that Tiger Mountains Vineyards would be a nice destination. Feel free to look for accommodation in the Jekyll Island Club Hotel and thus you will understand how the Vanderbilts felt when they lived there.

There are numerous places to visit in Georgia and depending on your budget and time availability, you can choose the most appropriate objectives to see and make your holiday valuable.

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