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Places to Visit in Japan

If you want to visit a country you have never seen before and find more about a nation with a different culture and civilization, then it might be the time to consider some places to visit in Japan. It doesn’t really matter whether you are choosing this travel destination to visit along with your family and kids, or whether you are traveling alone or with some friends, as this country will surely make a unique destination for you.

You should know from the very beginning that Japan has many places with incredible architectural castles and temples and beautiful gardens and ponds surrounded by pine trees that will leave you breathless.
But if you want to let yourself impressed by the natural landscape of this country, you should start your list of places to visit in Japan with going to the Mount Fuji. Here you will find the biggest mountain in Japan that is guaranteed to impress you with its grandeur. This spectacular landmark can be admired all year round, but you should know that for a better visibility you should choose to come to this tourist spot in the cold winter time.

Among the most famous and popular castles Japan has, you should take some of your time in visiting the Himeji Castle. This castle is really unique and it is among the top ten destinations tourists consider once they step on the Japanese land. The great architectural design of this castle and the beauty of the natural elements surrounding it are guaranteed to impress every viewer.

The Bomb Dome in Hiroshima is another tourist spot you should consider seeing among other places to visit in Japan. This place represents a living memory of Hiroshima’s bombing at the end of the World War II. This museum gathers visitors from all places of the globe that want to see remains of a devastated place by bombing. Once you are here you should take a walk in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park that is also very populated by tourists all year round.

Among other place to visit in Japan you can choose also to go to Osaka which is a less crowded city of Japan. What you should know about this city is that is placed in line as the third large city and you will also find here some interesting tourist destinations that might like you. For instance you can go to visit the Osaka’s Castle which can also offer you more to find out about the culture of this country.

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