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Places to Visit in Kenya

Kenya or the Republic of Kenya by its official name is an Eastern African country with the capital in Nairobi. This African country is a great destination for safaris and wildlife observations, thanks to its numerous national parks and reserves and its breathtaking landscapes. Yet some of the best places to visit in Kenya are its cities too, like Nairobi who is a fast-developing a culturally-rich town, offering numerous attractions, sparkling nightlife, delicious cuisine and traditional music concerts. You can also visit Malindi, Mombassa or Kisumu, which are other great representative cities of Kenya. However, remember that every time you travel to a foreign country you need to protect yourself, so getting some life insurance quotes is a good start. Whether a country is inherently safe or not, life is pretty unpredictable, and you never know when you’re going to need medical care or some insurance for your possessions. Before you decide on a certain company or policy however we advise you to get life insurance quotes from several sources and see what your best options are.

Other places to visit in Kenya that shouldn’t be missed are its national parks and reservations, starting with Meru National Park, a 1,813-square kilometers area home to a great number of wild species of animals and is crossed by three large rivers: Ura, Tana and Rojerwero. Visitors here can admire baboons, elephants, giraffes, lions, leopards and cheetahs. Lake Nakuru is the best destination for those who want to see pink flamingos, and there are millions of them here. The area also houses over four hundred species of other birds and some predators, like lions and rhinos.

Amboseli National Park is another one of the most interesting places to visit in Kenya, thanks to the beautiful scenery and neighboring Mount Kilimanjaro. The park is a great destination for safaris, where you can admire numerous species of animals and birds like giraffes, buffalos, zebras, white-bearded wildebeests, gazelles, impalas, yellow baboons, eared foxes, pelicans, lily-trotters, crakes, and eagles.

Though the country is sufficiently developed economically and culturally and it is slowly progressing towards better conditions, some of the best places to visit in Kenya are still its natural landscapes and richness. A great example of that is the Samburu National Reserve, a desert-influenced area with barred vegetation and arid lands; it is also home to many animals like elephants, impalas, buffalos and others. A wonderful surprise in the middle of this parched landscape will be the Ewaso N’giro River, surrounded by lush, green wilderness whose tamarinds, acacia trees and doum palms make it a true oasis amidst drought.

The Laikipia Plateau is a less known area in Kenya, stretching from the edges of Mount Kenya all the way to the shores of Lake Baringo. Visitors here can really enjoy wild Africa and if lucky may spot some of the endangered species housed here, like Grevy’s zebra, the wild dog and Jackson’s hartebeest. All in all, Kenya is an adventurous and exciting destination, one where people can reconnect with their wild and instinctual side.

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