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Places to Visit in London

London is one of the most important cities in the world; it is the capital of England (and the United Kingdom), and it is a major cultural and economic hub. Thanks to the great influence and wealth of the British Empire, London developed from a muddy and squalid city into a shining metropolis. Nevertheless, London as a settlement dates all the way back to the Romans, so there is a great deal of history surrounding it. Today, this city is important in fields like commerce, education, finance, fashion, arts, professional services, media, and research and so on. If you are thinking about vacationing in this lovely city, we are going to show you a few places to visit in London that you mustn’t miss.

Londinium, as the Romans used to call it, is appealing both for its historical elements and its modern ones; and it is perhaps this blend of new and old that makes it so interesting and entertaining: tradition and culture, hand in hand with progress and innovation. But let’s not beat around the bush anymore and see what places to visit in London we recommend:

  • The British Museum – If you are an amateur of culture and history, you mustn’t miss one of the most important and comprehensive museums in the world. Here, you will be able to see man-made creations from prehistoric times until the present: Egyptian mummies, Parthenon sculptures, paintings, and numerous other objects and interactive exhibitions wait. We advise reserving an entire day for this visit.
  • The London Eye – No vacation is complete without some entertainment, and in London this translates as a ride in the London Eye. This trip will also give you the opportunity to see the city from above and admire its beautiful landscape.
  • The Tower of London – In order to learn a bit more about British history, you mustn’t miss this objective. Already 900 years old, this building is the home of many hallmarks in the empire’s history, and it is at the same time a royal palace, an arsenal, a prison, and a zoo. Only here you can see the famous Crown Jewels and revel in the king’s chambers.
  • Westminster Abbey – You can’t make a list of places to visit in London and not include this abbey, where as much as eighteen British monarchs are buried, together with other poets and historical figures.
  • Trafalgar Square As you stroll through the city, taking in its wonders, it’s impossible not to stumble into Trafalgar Square, where Nelson’s column rests. Near it you find the National Gallery, which has a free entrance and is also an important objective.
  • Madame Tussauds – Every year, millions of people from around the world visit the various wax museums that exist; however, none is more famous than the one in London, and it is said that the figures here uncannily resemble their originals. You can take photos with wax figures of the royal family, or of other celebrities and personalities from then and now.

There is not enough room to talk about all the wondrous attractions of London; remember that this is quite a large city if you don’t limit yourself to its nucleus, which is the City of London and barely exceeds 2 square kilometers. As for other places to visit in London, make sure you don’t miss the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum or the Tate Modern if you want to make your trip as cultural as possible.

But there are other attractions as well, such as the place where the Prime Minister lives, or where Sherlock Holmes supposedly lived, the streets where Jack the Ripper infamously entered history, the Buckingham palace and its impervious guards, or West End, where you find the theatre part of the city.

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