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Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Because most of us only have one or two bigger holidays a year, we want them to be special, and we try to combine relaxation with new experiences and seeing new places. In that respect, the United States have to be one of the best destinations; being such a large country, you have the opportunity to literally choose climates, landscapes, objectives and so on according to your own needs. If you want snow, you go to a snowier state, like Wisconsin, but if you want sun and water, you can always go to a state like California. This brings us to the destination we propose today, and in this article we are going to show you the best places to visit in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, or L.A. for short, is a great American city, and it has attractions for all tastes. One of the most interesting places to visit in Los Angeles is UCLA, Academics and Leisure Mix. You may not be interested in classes or diplomas, but the building itself is interesting. But if you want a relaxation day, go to Venice Beach to admire the wide variety of people that gathers there. Next, we recommend you take in a bit of culture at the Getty Center, where you have the chance to admire works of art from Renaissance to contemporary art. And if you still have the energy, go towards Hollywood and take a stroll down the famous Walk of Fame, and you might encounter the plaques of some famous stars.

The next recommendation for places to visit in Los Angeles is the La Brea Tar Pits, a great and curious place where you can have a fabulous time with a group of friends, especially if you like the history of bones. Moreover, a stroll through Sunset Boulevard is a must, because it is the most representative street in the city, and it is a cultural landmark. The houses here are perfect representatives of Hollywood architecture, and you should also find some good restaurants in the area.

Los Angeles is a very modern and cosmopolitan place, and it is filled with interesting people, real characters who make up the salt and pepper of this earth. That being said, when you’re done with most places to visit in Los Angeles, you definitely need to go shopping in this fashion-oriented city. The best destination, if you can afford it, is Rodeo Drive, the famous street where Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman goes to transform herself into a posh young lady. All in all, we hope – and know – that you will have a wonderful experience in the City of Angels.

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