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Places to Visit in Maui

Sometimes, the best vacation destinations are those that allow you to both relax and have fun; tropical islands with warm weather, good water, sandy fine beaches, refreshing cocktails at the poolside and afternoon naps seem to be the ideal elements for a great vacation, which is why today we recommend Maui, one of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii. Maui is known for its beautiful coats and pristine waters, and the wonderful Hawaiian culture makes it even more appealing. In what follows we ar going to present you some of the most unique places to visit in Maui.

When you enter the area of Maui, you find yourself on the Road to Hana, as it is famously known, and this is the road to take you to most of your objectives in this vacation. This road is also known as the “World’s Most Beautiful Road”, so just by being on it you get to admire beautiful landscapes all around, thus seeing one of the most amazing places to visit in Maui. The first objective you will encounter on this road is the picturesque Paia Town, and you will love it for the beaches and water, especially if you practice surfing. This place is not very developed touristically, so you get the chance to see an authentic location.

One of the most important and beautiful places in Maui is Haleakala, one volcano on top of which you can go and have a splendid panorama of the sunset or sunrise. Then, go to Hookipa Beach, and ideal destination for windsurfing.  Another place to visit in Maui is also Puahokamoa Falls, a unique landscape consisting of a series of smaller falls. If this isn’t enough to quench your thirst for the outdoors, you can also visit Waikani Falls, which also have pools at the bottom, so you can end your visit with a swim.

There are many other places to visit in Maui, and most of them include outdoor activities, such as exploring the Keanae Peninsula, a perfect place to test your photography skills. Moreover, you shouldn’t miss Pua’a Ka’a State Park, where you can have a picnic and admire the waterfalls, pools of water and the tropical forest atmosphere. Finally, you can end your vacation with a trip to Waianapanapa State Park, home to numerous sea caves, stone arches, and a famous and striking beach with black sand.

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