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Places to Visit in Michigan

A great American Road trip is something that everyone should undertake once in life, because this large and great country has a lot of unique wonders to offer. That is why today we are going to talk about one of the most interesting states in the US, Michigan. The name of the state has French origins, and it means “large lake’; it was probably given because Michigan has the longest freshwater coastline, formed by Lake Saint Chair and four of the five Great Lakes. These are also part of the places to visit in Michigan, which is divided into two areas: the Lower Peninsula, and the Upper Peninsula. The two areas are separated by several lakes, and united by Mackinac Bridge.

One of the first places to visit in Michigan that we recommend is State Park. There, you will encounter the Waterloo Recreation Area, which stretches over 20,000 acres, and you’ll have the option of getting involved in various activities such as swimming, taking the boat on one of the 11 lakes, go hiking, or relaxing at a picnic. There is also a biking trail stretching over five miles, but you can go walking as well, or horseback riding. If you can’t get enough of the outdoors, then we also recommend the following places: Mackinac Island – which is truly representative of the spirit of Michigan and offers wonderful views, or Traverse City, which is the capitol of cherry trees; there, you can experience the National Cherry Festival or visit one of the many distilleries and breweries.

Michigan is a pretty large state, so you will have to reserve a lot of time if you wish to see all its major attractions. Further on our list of places to see in Michigan, we recommend Petoskey, a coastal town of the resort type that is beautiful for its views, or Isle Royale, the largest island in the area and home to a National Park where you can admire not only the fauna, but animals as well, such as moose, wolves, and many other mammals and reptiles.

Michigan is also known for its many lighthouses, and one of the most beautiful ones is found onĀ  Beaver Head Island, and was included in the National Register of Historic Places for being very old. If however you want to relax at the beach, then staying for a few days in Muskegon, a small town famous for its beach, which stretches over 26 miles. Frankenmuth is another interesting city in Michigan, and it is said to house the largest Christmas store in the world.

All in all, there are many beautiful places to visit in Michigan, and you can have a perfect and complete vacation if you choose the locations presented here.

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