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Places to Visit in Namibia

Namibia, officially known as the Republic of Namibia, is situated in southern Africa; its capital is in Windhoek, which is also its largest city. This country is one of the most interesting tourist destinations, thanks to its large variety of landscapes such as deserts, seascapes, mountains, wildlife, lush vegetation and colonial cities. There are many wonderful places to visit in Namibia because it is a melting pot of cultures and ethnic groups, which account for its exciting and exotic atmosphere. Save time and money by using San Diego movers to make the trip a success. Furthermore you might also want to read some car reviews in order to find a transportation mean that will facilitate access to various challenging destinations.

Some of the best places to visit in Namibia are its safari destinations, like the Etosha National Park. Known as being part of the top five best national parks in Africa, Etosha is a great example of the continent’s wild richness. Here you can enjoy watching game of a large variety, such as elephants, lions, impalas and reptiles. Damaraland is another wonderful attraction in Namibia and visitors here can admire its arid landscapes, especially the “Burnt Mountain”, the “Skeleton Coast” and “Petrified Forest”. You can also go on long-day safaris and watch herds of elephants or lions basking in the sun. This is what makes Namibia one of the most interesting places to visit, because you can enjoy the outdoors like in no other part of the world, and you can actually feel like you’re becoming one with nature and wildlife.

A great experience that shouldn’t be missed while in the area of Damaraland is Twyfelfontein, an open-air gallery consisting of carvings done in red rock at least 2,000 or 2,500 years ago by tribes of the Khokhoi, distant relatives of the Bushmen. The drawings and carvings here are representations of people and animals and pictograms. They were carved in the sandstone rocks at Twyfelfontein, which are covered by “desert varnish” which gives them a hard patina; the carving brought lighter shades of the rock to the surface, thus forming the shapes.

Other amazing places to visit in Namibia include Kaokoland, close to Damaraland. Here you can meet the Himbas, a tribe of tall and strong people that cover their bodies in butter fat and red ochre to protect their skins against the rough climate. The people here grow animals like cattle and goats which explains their semi-nomadic life. However, if you go there maintain your respect towards their endangered traditions and culture. There are numerous amazing places to visit in Namibia, but one of the greatest is with certainty Sossusvlei, home to the tallest sand dunes in the world. These sand dunes are part of the Namib Desert and they are the result of millions of years of climate influence.So if you were looking for some interesting places to visit, you should definitely think of Namibia, a unique and special place.

As you can see the landscapes vary a lot in Namibia so the best thing to do is rent a car that can handle rough terrains. Check out some car reviews in order to make the best pick for your trip. After all you don’t want to miss on amazing landscapes due to transport inconveniences. Sossusvlei is a great destination for photographers who can take breathtaking pictures here, especially at sunrise and sunset, when the sun’s intense rays cast reddish colors in the sand, making for amazing visual effects.

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