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Places to Visit in New York

Who does not like New York? Year after year, thousands of tourists come there and many more people decide to live there for the rest of their lives. Now, it is your turn to go to this amazing metropolitan area and see the most exciting places to visit in New York. In order to help you save up some time, we have made a list with what you must see there, even though the city itself offers something to do at every step.

To begin with, allow us to remind you that there aren’t places more dynamic than New York, and if you happen to be one of the lucky visitors of this city, you definitely have to see the Empire State Building, the Ellis Island Immigration Museum and of course, to the famous Statue of Liberty! You even have thechance to take a skyride above the city, which will actually be a virtual journey by helicopter that will introduce you to the most impressive elements in New York.

We would like to begin with the three highlights that will set the foundation of your visit in New York, and the New York City area especially. Ellis Island can be visited for free if you happen to have a New York pass. This pass also allows you a free ferry ride and a free visit at the Statue of Liberty. That way, you already get to see two of the major attractions in one go, and without spending too much money either. You will be impressed by the amazing stories of immigrants on Ellis Island and its museum, and the Statue of Liberty will amaze you with its height, and the craft with which it was constructed.

The Empire State Building is the famous representative symbol of New York , and it has appeared in numerous Hollywood movies. Built in 1931, it was for a very long time the tallest skyscraper in the city; today, it is admired for its unique architecture. Just like most major streets and objectives in New York City, this building will also give you the sensation that you are in one of the movies you’ve seen so many times. Streets like 5th Avenue, Chinatown, Rockefeller Plaza and Wall Street are just some of the popular places in that respect.

Every self-respecting metropolis has a wax museum, and New York couldn’t be an exception. Madame Tussaud’s wax museum is ready to delight your eyes with some impressive figures. Just like the more famous Madame Tussaud’s in London, the one in New York is full of celebrities, historical figures and personalities. The most popular ones are Hollywood celebrities like Madonna, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp or Michael Jackson of course.

These are some of the most recommendable places to visit in New York, but remember that this is the most important and alive city in the world, so there is always something to do, no matter what your preferences might be.

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