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Places to Visit in Thailand

There are many places you can choose to visit in order to have a memorable trip, but if you want to go somewhere where you can spend relaxing moments for the summer, Thailand is among the best places to go. You should know this country is among the most preferred when it comes to the exquisite beaches it has to offer and to the natural landscapes all visitors seek to see while traveling to different countries. As you may guess there are endless beautiful places to visit in Thailand and if you want to enjoy the sun and also see terrific tourist spots this country might be the solution.

One of the first places to visit in Thailand is the city of Phuket. This place represents an island which is very populated by numerous tourists every year. If you are looking for a sunny and relaxed vacation on the sandy beaches, taking long swims in the cool water of the ocean, then this is the place you need to go to. You can find many other places to do there as well, and the numerous bars and restaurants make for a bristling nighlife.

A great option among the best places to visit in Thailand would be going to the East Coast Islands. You are guaranteed to forget about all your worries and your problems in this paradise of landscapes that offer you clear waters and white-sand beaches. Whether you want to be a little more active than staying on a beach and tanning and you want to dive, or you are a person searching for more night life, you will surely find what you are looking for on the many islands that are on the East Coast of Thailand.

You should know that many visitors also like to go to Chiang Mai in order to visit different temples available in this city. If you are a spiritual person and you want to find out more about the religion and culture of this nation, then you might like to come to a city that has much more to offer in this field and Chiang Mai is the best you can find around.

If, however, you are searching for great bazaars and commercial stores where to choose some wonderful souvenirs, then you should go to Bangkok. This city will impress you with its crowded stores, restaurants and bars and since it is the first city in line in attracting countless tourists there is no wonder you will find anything and everything you need in matter of souvenirs.

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