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Places to Visit in the USA

If you have taken the decision to experience the American Dream and see what’s so spectacular about the US, then you’re about to embark on a unique journey! You will see places like nothing else on the planet, great wonders of nature, but man-made miracles as well, you will encounter many different cultures and traditions, but be faced with some of the most modern landscapes as well. However, if your time there is limited, then you are probably wondering where to start, what attractions not to miss, and what to do. This is why we have made a list for you with places to visit in the USA, as a sample of what you can enjoy on the American territory.

Every year, experts in traveling have tried to come up with the most representative lists of destinations in the United States of America. Something new is being added every year, so reproducing that list would take too much time and space. We will try, however, to present you some of the most iconic places in the USA.

The US Virgin Islands

Our first suggestion is the US Virgin Islands. If you love getaways and tropical and exotic landscapes, then this is the destination for you, with its clear blue waters and beautiful sand beaches.There is a wide range of islands, each with their own specific atmosphere and landscape, and you can choose the one most suitable for you, from St. John to St. Thomas; depending on your budget, you can stay in a tent cabin or look for St. John Inn’s services, which come highly recommended.

The Hudson River Valley

One of the best places to visit in the USA, which would be a pity to miss, is the Hudson River Valley, situated in New York. Here, you can experience the rural side of America, such as it can’t be seen anywhere else. It is located in the North and the main attractions for this place are the wineries, the leafy surroundings, the traditional food and the rustic environment. You will forget about Manhattan and big cities and you will feel as if you were part of the ‘Love Shack’ scenario. Go there and find the relaxation you need so much!

The most vibrant cities in USA

Finally, you mustn’t miss seeing cities like Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles and their surroundings, or the beautiful natural wonders of America, such as the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and the numerous natural parks and reservations, which hold unique species of plants and animals. You can also visit places like Cincinnatti, especially if you want to see a city fully influenced by its immigrant inhabitants; thus, the city is filled with architecture in Italian style, and the cuisine is said to be impressive as well.

There are numerous places to visit in the USA and thanks to the fact that the combination of culture, architectural styles and history is so wide, you should definitely take advantage of all the options you have. By making a priority list, you will be able to build an American Dream just as you want it.

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