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Places to Visit in Washington State

So you have decided to have a great holiday this year, and you’re wondering what your destination should be. There are many places in this big great world of ours, but America has to be one of the most interesting continents on the planet, because it is a mixture of natural beauty and man-made wonders. That being said, we recommend you start with the most important state there. Washington State is a great destination for you and your friends, but you need to get a bit organized if you want to see as many places as possible. Some places to visit in Washington State include: Pike Place Market, Space Needle, Downtown Seattle, Pioneer Square and Ballard Locks. We have already searched for some extra information and we are ready to share it with you in what follows.

Pike Place Market

The first thing you will hear about Pike Place Market is that it is one of the most representative objectives of Washington State. It would be a pity if you miss the chance to visit this place. You will see a whole range of aliments in front of you, starting with fish and ending up with crustacean food. The variety of foods is impressive, and you can’t leave there without tasting some of the more exotic meals you encounter. Pay attention that there will be many people, all urging to buy food, but the main attraction is to get the feeling of being there. It makes you feel as if you have been living in Washington State for a while!

The Space Needle

Space Needle will totally catch your eye, as it is one of the tallest buildings in the whole of Seattle, and the history of this monument is fantastic as well. Keep in mind the fact that when it was built, it was number one for its height in the west of Mississippi. It would be interesting to have the chance to visit Space Needle, at least for its air, reminding of the 1960s, but also for the lovely panoramic view of Seattle that it offers.

Downtown Seattle

As for other places to visit in Washington State, if you are curious enough to visit Downtown Seattle, you will be tempted to experience the famous wheel that allows you to see the location from above. You will get a fantastic view and in the meantime you will experience totally new and enthralling feelings. This wheel also offers a great view of the city from other points of view; add to that the excitement of being suspended in the air, and you’ve got a perfect day planned.

Pioneer Square and Ballard Locks

We thought of keeping Pioneer Square and Ballard Locks as an end surprise, as it would be much nicer to visit them before getting any extra details. You will be surrounded by a picturesque environment while admiring the beauty of this American territory. There are many places to visit in Washington State and if you are wise enough to look for specific information, you will definitely enjoy your journey! Just remember that there are many attractions, and if your time and budget are limited, you will have to prioritize and get well organized.

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