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Places to Visit in Zurich

We all look forward to our vacations over the year, and we make plans and expectations of how our next trip should be. If you’re one of those people who only get one or two vacations per year, then you too must probably expect them to be not only relaxing, but entertaining as well, and with a learning factor as well. For these kinds of trips, it is best to visit a city, because they are usually filled with culture and numerous objectives. Today, we are going to recommend you some places to visit in Zurich, the capital of Switzerland.

Europe is an old and historic continent, and so are the countries that form it; Switzerland has quite an interesting history, and today it is one of the richest and most balanced countries on the planet. This is a country which avoid world policies and was neutral during the second World War, it is a country famous for its chocolate and perfect watchmaking, and, of course, for its pure and proud Alps. But the capital is an interesting city as well, and if you want to be convinced of that, go through these places to visit in Zurich on your next trip there.

One of the first places that you should see in Zurich, especially if you are interested in art, is the Kunsthaus Museum. Here, you can admire paintings and art from major artists around the world, but from Swiss artists as well, such as Fuesli and Giacometti. Old cities like Zurich are particularly appealing for their architecture; here, we have some wonderful examples of Gothic, Renaissance or Romantic architecture, but many others as well. Thus, if you want to take in this olden atmosphere, you shouldn’t miss the Fraumunster abbey, which dates back to 853 and is seen from anywhere in the city. Speaking of churches, you should also visit the Grossmunster, which started being built in 1100.

The third point of attraction among the places to visit in Zurich would be the Zurich Lake, known for the peace and quiet it offers its visitors. The scenery is beautiful, and you can spend a lovely afternoon there. Afterwards, you can go to Lindenhof, which is the historic quarter of the city, and visit the Roman castle and fortification that still stand there. On the totally opposite spectrum of that, we have Bahnhofstrasse, which is like the Fifth Avenue from New York. Here, you can shop in expensive stores, go to the restaurant, or just take in the lively atmosphere.

All in all, there are quite a few beautiful places to visit in Zurich, and every new corner can unravel a new objective to admire. The Zoo is also said to be one of the most complete and well-maintained in Europe, so pay a visit when you get the change.

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