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Top places where you can eat unconventional meat

If you are planning on taking your eating habit on the road, you are in luck because there are many places around the globe where you can enjoy unconventional dishes. If you are a meat lover, things are even better. Do you know why? Because you can have the best dishes in your life. Being a vegetarian traveler is difficult and we do not recommend it. You are better off indulging in your passion for meat. These are the places that you should place at the top of your list. Have a nice trip and enjoy.

Lion – Zimbabwe  

Some people prefer exotic food. You are one of those people. In case you did not know, meat can be very interesting. For instance, did you know what you can consume lion meat? In countries like Zimbabwe, it is completely legal to eat this kind of meat. What is more, nobody will judge you based on your culinary choices. You can enjoy a delicious burger made from lion meat in the United States, but it is not the same thing compared to what is served in Zimbabwe. Unless you are very best friends with a hunter, it is recommendable to make a trip to southern Africa.

Camel – Djibouti

Are you up for camel meat? If you are willing to try something new, you should better head on over to Djibouti. This meat is prized in the Middle East, being considered a true delicacy. Not trying Djibouti camel meat is the biggest mistake that you can make. Besides the fact that it is completely delicious, you are missing out on an incredible experience. Camel is not cooked age, which is the reason why you can enjoy its true flavor. Should you even go through the trouble of seeking it out? If you think that no, it means that you have not been listening. You should jump at the chance to eat camel meat. It is similar to beef, the only difference being that it tastes better. You will not find it in grocery stores. Go to a restaurant and indulge your senses.

Elephant – Thailand

When you are sick and tired of Africa, pack your bags and pay a visit to Thailand. When it comes down to trying new things there is no better place like Thailand. You can eat chicken in coconut soup, spicy seafood, and elephant meat. Others are appalled when they hear about the practice of eating elephant meat. That is because they do not know there is a problem with the number of elephants. Anyway, you will take pleasure in eating the meat. The food is incredibly delicate, not to mention that it does not taste like chicken. It is better, actually. Consuming elephant meat is not unusual in Thailand. If you would like to give it a try, then go right ahead. What do you have to lose? Although there is only a handful of people who consume this exotic meat, yet it is in demand, so you can get a taste of it.