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Travelling across Europe – what to look for in a road trip car?


If you have decided to go on a life time adventure and wander across Europe by car, by you don’t exactly have an appropriate vehicle, buying one is the first necessary step to take. Considering the variety of models available, you might be wondering what model to go for, which option would suit your particular needs best. Well, there are a few things that make a car suitable for road trip enthusiasts, so here are the characteristics you should be looking for:

Fuel economy

Even if you know that traveling across Europe will get quite expensive, you still need to choose anything that might help you save some money. This is the reason why the car you will be driving should provide you with fuel economy. In order to not spend a fortune on gas, and keep your fuel expenses to minim, when you are buying a car, make sure to inform yourself abut this particular detail. Edmunds says the 2018 Audi A3 is quite a reasonable option in terms of gas consumption

Safety system

The more time you spend on the road, the higher the risks of facing a potential incident. Because safety should always come first, when you are looking at vehicles, try to find out what they can offer in terms of safety. You should opt for a car that comes with an extensive, advanced safety system package, just to benefit from a higher level of protection during your long drives.


Regardless if you are travelling alone or not, you still need to benefit from reasonable space, in order to store all of your belongings, and to feel comfortable while on the road. For travelling, its’s always best to go with a car of larger dimensions.

High ride quality

Last but not least, driving should still remain pleasant, and in order for that to happen, you should go with a car that offers a high ride quality. To not make any mistakes in this department, you should take the car for a drive test before buying it.

If you want to discover every beautiful thing Europe has to offer, and you have decided to wander around the continent by car, having the right vehicle at your disposal is key. Because some cars might not provide you with the fuel economy desired, or might lack the necessary space to travel comfortably, you need to know exactly what characteristics to look for when you are trying to purchase this type of car. The tips mentioned above can help you in this department.