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Visit the USA in a USA-made car – The Ford Fiesta


When planning a road trip, most people (especially Americans) think about a large SUV as their go-to option in terms of vehicles. But the improvements on the American automotive industry, made it possible for many to dream about taking their roomy Ford Fiesta for families on the road and visiting some of the best places the USA has for them. You think it’s small? Think again. You think it’s not that safe? Think again. But below we’ll go in more details why this car is perfect for this purpose.

It’s simply fun to drive

Those who drove at least once in their lives a Fiesta, surely know how easy and fun to handle this shorty is. Even for an individual used to only drive auto cars, the stick equipped Fiesta feels just natural and simple to drive. While it’s true, many may encounter issues when switching in the first and third gear since they are relatively close, a bit of practice makes everything better and easier. So, even if you are usually driving an auto gear vehicle, give this car a shot. You will be impressed.

Subcompact, yet spacious

Yes, the dimensions are reduced, but a family with a child won’t have issues to fit in this gem. The cargo space available in the back is also generous, so it can easily fit all the luggage of a family like this. While in the back, fitting even more adults for vast amounts of time may be   problematic, fitting a rather small child is a breeze. And tall individuals, if driving, will find this vehicle surprisingly roomy.

Perfect on all terrain

The vehicle behaves amazingly on the highway, but it shows its true spirit on country roads. Sharp in movements, it takes corners with ease it’s fast to accelerate and decelerate, turns surprisingly quick and it certainly exceeds all drivers’ expectations, after all, it’s a rather small and affordable car. It may not be a Mustang, but it certainly offers increased quality for the price.

It has the looks, where it needs it

While this is not a luxury car, not in any circumstances, this vehicle certainly has some beautiful trims. The details are where should they be, in all essential places, while rather unimportant thigs are left as they are: simple.

So, should you consider this car for your next family trip? Definitely!